There is nothing worse than getting all glammed up on your favorite ethnic outfit simply to get a few unsightly pimples destroy your appearance. Before attempting the dozens of chemical-laden creams and lotions that the pharmacy has to offer, experimentation with these organic home treatments.

P.S. Do not neglect to perform a patch test first to check for any negative response!

Cinnamon and Honey Goodness

Let us begin with basics. Whatever you require for this particular face mask is just two ingredients readily available in each kitchen. Cinnamon is famous for being anti inflammatory and antioxidant in character, which roughly equates into ‘feisty fighter for bacteria-laden pimples’. The sticky and sweet honey kicks into wash off the acne scars.

Have a tsp of cinnamon powder, then combine with two teaspoon of honey and then leave the mixture onto your face for about 15 minutes before washing

Cucumber Coolness

The cucumber likely has its coolness factor from the way it can assist acne-scarred skin. Combine modest parts of cucumber to produce a paste, then add 3 tsp of dahi and combine well.

It’s an Eggy Situation

Who knew that breakfast staple could come to the rescue? All you will need is just three egg whites whisked completely.

Got Milk?

Coconut is certainly the brand new super-food with nearly every food specialist swearing by its own therapeutic abilities. Club coconut milk together with all the Indian super-spice, garlic and you have your own acne fighting group. Use approximately two to three tablespoons of coconut milk include half a teaspoon of garlic and leave it around for approximately eight minutes.

Bountiful Besan


Your mom, aunty and acquaintances have likely already filled you in about the advantages of this magic ingredient known as besan (also called g flour), and we would be lying if we said this flour does not have some type of magic power in regards to acne. Mix two tablespoons of besan using a tbsp of hot honey and employ. Wash it off after the package dries.

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